How to use a CoverMe

How to attach a Swimsuit Coverme to your Swimsuit

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Sizing Chart

Coverme Width
Measure between your bra straps at the collar bone level as pictured below.
7 to 9 inches=regular
10 to 12 inches=wide

Coverme Length ('-long' and normal)
Measure from where you want your CoverMe neckline to the bottom edge of the bra. The regular length of the Straight or Lace CoverMe is 11". The long is 13". You should have at least 2" extra on the bottom edge of the CoverMe to tuck under the bra. The Scoop CoverMe is 12" from the middle of the neckline to the bottom edge.
11 inches or less=normal
13 inches or more=long

Swimsuit Coverme Sizing
Measure between your swimsuit straps at the collar bone level as pictured below.
7 inches=narrow
9 inches=regular
Some of this width will go behind the swimsuit. The Swimsuit Coverme is made of swimsuit fabric, so will stretch to different widths.

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Coverme Information
CoverMes are no longer made in two lengths. All Straight neck and Lace CoverMes will come in the long length of 13".
Coverme Styles
Click on a picture below to choose a style.
Select color

Scoop Coverme

The Scoop Neck CoverMe is especially great when wearing a top that is wide as well as low. It Covers more up the sides than the Straight neck CoverMe. Also consider using the scoop neck when you are wearing a top made of a thin fabric that can be slightly seen through. The look of the scoop through the fabric is less detectable. This is great for summertime. The Scoop is one size fits all.

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